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Nicolai Gogol

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Youth and early fame

That was my debut year and, oh, i had such grand hopes that spring, so certain was i that alex would finally see me as a young lady and not simply the annoying little neighbour who had dogged his footsteps throughout his boyhood. Applied filters sherlock holmes.

Dead Souls

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Dead Souls

Some folks look at the farmstand simply as a place to buy the freshest of produce for the least amount of money, but in fact there was a time when farmstands were the social connectors. We are recovering our unity not by returning to a prior culture and consciousness, but by moving beyond the fragmented, egoic civilization that dominated humankind for the past two centuries moving toward a cooperative world that could be, and should be, initiated by the worldwide consultation of people represent- ing no interest other than that of the species.

In a moment the scene might be shifted, for at the signal given by the watchman on the tower the feast would be hurriedly cleared away, and the few pieces of wooden furniture and vessels of metal and leather would be carried in haste up the stone stairs to a place of safety in the towers.